You can get FOAM tokens without leaving the FOAM Map through built-in Uniswap widget. 

Uniswap is a decentralized token exchange that allows you to exchange ETH - the currency of the Ethereum network - and other ERC20 tokens for FOAM tokens. 

From your desktop browser, visit the FOAM Map. Make sure you’re logged into your Metamask wallet and it is connected to Main Ethereum Network. You need to have a positive balance of ETH or the ERC20 token you want to exchange.

Find the icon with your balance of FOAM on the top left of the map. Click on it to reveal the ‘Get FOAM’ button.

Click ‘Get FOAM’ to open the Uniswap menu.

Enter the amount of ETH you would like to swap for FOAM or enter the amount of FOAM you would like to receive. Alternatively, you can choose another ERC20 token from the drop-down menu by clicking on the arrow next to ETH.

Press ‘Swap’ to begin the exchange. Make sure you only press it once, or you may start multiple transactions.

You need to confirm the transaction in MetaMask. If the notification doesn’t appear automatically, you need to open the MetaMask extension in your browser. 

Verify the total amount and click ‘confirm’ when you’re ready.

The Uniswap widget will show a pending icon next to your MetaMask address while your transaction is being processed by the Ethereum network. It could take several minutes to be confirmed.

Your transaction is confirmed when the pending icon disappears from the Uniswap widget. Your FOAM Tokens will appear in your MetaMask wallet. If you can’t see it, read this article.

It will take several additional minutes for your balance of FOAM to change on the map after the transaction was confirmed in MetaMask.

There are other ways of getting FOAM tokens. On Poloniex, you can exchange USDC or Bitcoin for FOAM Tokens.

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