How do I add locations to FOAM Map?
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Anyone can add missing places to the FOAM Map. Share the points of interest (POIs) that matter to you, from the buildings designed by your favorite architect to your company’s new warehouse.

  1. Go to the map view and make sure you’re signed into your MetaMask wallet.

  2. Click anywhere on the map to bring up the ‘Register Point of Interest’ card.

  3. Enter the details required: name, street address, description, and the relevant tags that describe the POI.

  4. Stake Approved Registry Tokens to register the new POI. Currently the Minimum Stake is set to 50 but there is no limit. The stake is like a security deposit that helps make sure people only enter true information.

  5. If you don’t have enough Approved Registry Tokens to add a new POI, go to My Assets and the Registry tab to approve more.

  6. Click ‘Register POI’ when you’ve finished entering all the information about the location.

  7. Confirm the registration on MetaMask. This brings up a MetaMask confirmation window for a new transaction. You need to approve the transfer of the FOAM tokens staked to the new POI.

  8. That’s it! It may take a few minutes for the new POI to appear on FOAM Map and in My Assets. This depends on how busy the Ethereum network is when you submit. You can track the status of your transaction by clicking it from within Metamask which will bring you to

Or watch the step-by-step explainer video:

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