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Adding and Challenging POIs
Challenging POIs
Why would I challenge a point of interest?
Why would I challenge a point of interest?
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Challenge a point of interest (POI) when you notice errors or incorrect information in the listing. 

  • This could be anything from the wrong address, to a closed business, to something that doesn’t exist at all. 

  • Since anyone can add locations to the map, there needs to be a way to sort true and false information. 

  • Challenging starts the process that removes a false POI from the map. Any FOAM token holder can take part in a challenge and you can always challenge a previously verified POI. The Challenger can vote in any challenge they initiate.

As the Challenger, you receive a bonus if other cartographers agree to remove the POI during the voting process. 

  • The losing side forfeits their stake, which helps to ensure cartographers have good reasons for adding and challenging POIs and creates skin in the game. 

  • To start a challenge, you need to submit a number of FOAM tokens that is equal to the Minimum Stake amount set in the core parameters. 

  • If the Owner created the POI with a stake greater than the minimum, you can challenge with a sum of tokens up to a maximum that is equal to that stake. 

  • The winning side is sent a bonus from a reward pool made up from the lost stake. 

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