How do I challenge a POI?
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  1. Locate the POI you wish to challenge on the map or in the ‘POIs in View’ list in the Dashboard and click to load the card for that POI.

  2. Describe what you think is wrong with the POI in the space provided.

  3. Enter the amount of Approved FOAM tokens required. You need to stake at least the Minimum Stake and up to the amount staked in the point.

  4. If you don’t have enough Approved FOAM, go to My Assets and under Approve FOAM Tokens you can approve more to use for adding and challenging POIs. 

  5. Click the ‘Challenge’ button

  6. You need to confirm your challenge on MetaMask. This brings up a MetaMask confirmation window for a new transaction. Click ‘Confirm’ to approve the transfer of the FOAM tokens required to initiate the challenge. 

  7. Your challenge has been submitted! It may take a few minutes for the challenge to appear in My Assets.

  8. Any FOAM token holder can now vote in the challenge, including the Challenger.

Or watch the step-by-step explainer video to learn how to use FOAM Map:

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