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How does a new Point of Interest become verified?
How does a new Point of Interest become verified?
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A new point of interest must go through several stages before becoming verified.

  1. After the POI is registered it appears as pending.

  2. During the pending period, which is currently set to 3 days, the new POI can be challenged if somebody notices something incorrect with its listing.

  3. If the POI is challenged, it enters the challenge phase. If the POI is so perfect that nobody notices anything wrong with it, the POI automatically becomes verified at the end of the pending period.

  4. After the challenge phase is initiated, cartographers vote to decide if the POI is valid or not valid. This begins the vote underway period which lasts 5 days.

  5. When the vote underway completes, all the Cartographers that participated must reveal their vote to the smart contract. The vote reveal period lasts 3 days.

  6. Important note: Votes that are not revealed during this period will not be counted and you will not receive any rewards for choosing the winning side. Remember to reveal your votes! 

  7. At the end of the vote reveal period, the POI is found to be valid if it receives 60% of the votes and it then becomes marked as verified on the map. If the POI is found to be not valid, it is rejected and removed from the Map.

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