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What is the Vote Underway period?
What is the Vote Underway period?
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After a pending or verified point of interest (POI) is challenged, it enters the Vote Underway period. Any FOAM token holder can vote to decide if the POI is Valid or Not Valid which determines whether or not it’s eligible to be included in the FOAM Map. 1 FOAM Voting Credit is 1 vote, so the more Voting Credit you use, the more votes you submit. All votes are token-weighted and the winner is determined by the number of Voting Credit on the winning side, not the total number of people who voted. Voting does not put your FOAM tokens in danger and you will not lose your tokens if you vote incorrectly. If you vote on the winning side, you will be rewarded based on the amount of FOAM tokens you contributed in the vote. 

  • If the majority votes that the POI is Valid, it will be added to the FOAM Map.

  • If the majority votes that the POI is Not Valid, it will be removed.

After submitting a vote, you are shown a Vote Reveal Phrase which must be kept safe. This unique phrase will be required to reveal your vote and claim your reward. Since the FOAM Map is a decentralized system, nobody will be able to help you if you lose this phrase. The Vote Reveal Phrase is a unique cryptographic fingerprint of your information, (also known as a Salt) that is used to reveal the vote in the next period (VoteReveal) and safeguards against fraudulent behavior.


You need your Vote Reveal Phrase to reveal your vote and claim your reward. Keep it safe and copy or write it down! You will not be able to reveal your vote without it.

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