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How do I reveal my vote?
How do I reveal my vote?
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  1. Locate the POI you voted for or against on the map or in the ‘POIs in View’ list.

  2. In the list, you can filter the POIs to view only those that are currently in the Vote Reveal phase.

  3. Click to load the card for the POI. 

  4. The countdown shows much time remains for you to reveal your vote. So act quickly!

  5. Click the button to ‘Reveal vote’.

  6. Enter the Vote Reveal Phrase you receive when you cast your vote.

  7. Click Reveal Vote to submit the form.

  8. You need to confirm your vote reveal on MetaMask. This brings up a MetaMask confirmation window for a new transaction. Click ‘Confirm’ to submit your vote reveal.

  9. That’s it! 

Important note: Only once the Vote Reveal period has ended the winner of the challenge will be confirmed and reward tokens redistributed. This gives a fair chance for everyone to reveal their vote.

Or watch the step-by-step explainer video:

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