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How does voting work?
How does voting work?
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The FOAM Map uses a Partial Lock Commit Reveal Voting (PLCR) system. This means that you use FOAM tokens to vote. The more tokens you contribute in a vote, the more influence you have as a voter, and the higher the percentage of the reward you’ll receive. You token balance is impacted only when you withdraw your tokens after all polls are closed.

Voting is a 2 step process:

  1. You cast your vote during the Vote Underway period using Voting Credit submitting the number of votes to support or oppose a POI. 1 Voting Credit is 1 vote.

  2. After the Vote Underway period concludes, the Vote Reveal period begins. Here, you must reveal your vote to the community. The Vote Reveal is a separate period to prevent manipulation of the results.

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