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Boosting a POI
How do I boost attention to my point of interest?
How do I boost attention to my point of interest?
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By boosting a point of interest (POI), you are staking Approved FOAM tokens to a verified POI you created and alter the visibility of that location on the map. In the FOAM Map, ranking plays an important role and is determined by the amount of tokens staked to a POI. The highest ranking POIs will be visible on the globe at the highest zoom level. As you zoom in to a particular region, city, town and finally city block, the ranking is defined relative to the other points within the current view at that zoom level. These tokens can be withdrawn as long as the POI is not currently in the challenge phase. You will only lose these tokens if the POI is found to be Not Valid by the community after a vote and only the amount challenged against your point. 

  1. To boost a POI, Locate the verified POI you created on the map or in the ‘POIs in View’ list. 

  2. In the list, you can filter the POIs to view only those that are currently verified.

  3. Click to load the card for that POI.

  4. Enter the amount of Approved FOAM tokens you would like to use to boost the POI.

  5. If you don’t have enough Approved FOAM, go to My Assets and under Approve FOAM Tokens you can approve more to use for boosting POIs. 

  6. Click ‘Boost’

  7. You need to confirm your boost on MetaMask. This brings up a MetaMask confirmation window for a new transaction. Click ‘Confirm’ to approve the transfer of the FOAM tokens. 

  8. Your boost has been submitted! It may take a few minutes for balance of the POI to update.

Note: At launch, the ranking won’t be reflected on the front-end.

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