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What are FOAM Map core parameters?
What are FOAM Map core parameters?
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The core parameters are the foundational settings of the FOAM Map. This changes how new points of interest (POIs) are registered, POIs are challenged, voting procedures, and how rewards are distributed across the whole map and for all FOAM token holders. 

Currently the core parameters of the FOAM Map are:

  • Minimum Stake - The minimum amount of FOAM tokens required to stake to a new POI: 

        50 FOAM

  • Pending Period – The amount of time to challenge a pending POI before will be verified automatically: 

        3 days

  • Vote Underway Period - The amount of time the Vote Underway period lasts: 

       5 days

  • Vote Reveal - The amount of time the Vote Reveal period lasts : 

        3 days

  • Reward Percentage - The percentage of FOAM tokens from challenger's stake awarded to the Owner or the Challenger for winning the challenge. The remaining percentage is redistributed to voters on the winning side.


  • Vote Quorum - The percentage of votes needed for a side to be declared the winner of a challenge: 


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