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Pairing a Secondary non-MetaMask Address
Pairing a Secondary non-MetaMask Address
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The following article applies only to FOAM Tokens purchased during the token sale that must satisfy the proof of use requirements. Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets can now be linked directly with MetaMask and do not need to follow the steps for pairing outlined below.

The FOAM Map has been optimized for use with Metamask. If you purchased FOAM tokens during the token sale with any other wallet than Metamask, you will need to pair this wallet with your Metamask account in order to satisfy the proof of use requirements. Pairing whitelists this secondary address with the Token Controller so you can transfer tokens to Metamask. 

Pairing can only be done once so be extremely careful with the Metamask addresses you choose to pair and make sure it is backed up! 

Once paired, transfers are bi-directional. You can transfer to your Metamask and also back to your non-metmask wallet. 

In order to begin the pairing process, first make sure you are logged into Metamask, then click the chain icon in the upper right corner of the FOAM Map. This will open the Pairing card, which generates data that is unique to your Metamask address. 

You may need to close any open cards on the left side of the UI before for the Pairing card will open.

  1. Log into the Metamask account you want to transfer FOAM tokens to.

  2. Click the chain icon on the top right to open the pairing menu card.

  3. Look for the raw transaction data which needs to be signed with your non-metamask wallet to complete the pairing as well as the address of the Token Controller

  1. Open your wallet that currently has FOAM Tokens

  2. Initiate a transaction, to be sent to the Token Controller address 

  3. From the Pairing card in the FOAM Map, copy the "TokenController contract address" and paste it in the "Send to" field of the transaction.

  4. Do not send any Ether only the gas cost

  5. Raise the standard gas limit to 200,000

  6. The "Send Amount" should be 0 ETH (do not select FOAM as the type of token to send because that will disable the "DATA" field in some wallets).

  7. Before generating the transaction include the raw transaction data from the pairing card in the data field of the transaction

  1. Send the transaction to the Token Controller. This whitelists your Metamask account

  2. When the transaction is mined, paste your non-metamask wallet address into the pairing card on the Map.

  3. Click Confirm 

  4. Once its confirmed, a pairing complete notification will appear

  5. You can now transfer FOAM tokens to your Metamask account for use

For more information see:
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