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How do I set the Gas Limit and Gas Price in MetaMask?
How do I set the Gas Limit and Gas Price in MetaMask?
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Every time you add or challenge a POI, or take part in a vote, you will need to confirm a transaction on MetaMask. This uses Ethereum for computation and storage, so you need to pay gas. Often the default Gas Fee in MetaMask won’t be enough to get your transaction through. 

Here’s how to set Gas Limit and Gas Price so that your transaction will go through successfully. These steps are written for MetaMask version 4.16.0. Please make sure you have the latest version here.

  1. Confirming an action in the FOAM Map brings up the MetaMask window ‘Confirm Transaction’.

  2. Find ‘Gas Fee’.

  3. Click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Gas Fee’ to set a custom Gas Price and Gas Limit. 

  4. Next, you need to find the average Gas Price at that time on the Ethereum network.

  5. In another tab, visit ETH Gas Station.

  6. There you will find the ‘Gas Price SafeLow’.

  7. For most transactions on the FOAM Map, the SafeLow price will be sufficient with processing times at <30 minutes.

  8. If you’re in a hurry, you can try Gas Price Standard/Std (<5 minutes) or Fast (<2 minutes).

  9. Click on the fox logo in your browser to open the MetaMask confirmation window again.

  10. In the Gas Price field, enter the price from ETH Gas Station.

  11. In the Gas Limit field, enter 500,000 units.

  12. This is just the maximum Gas you’re willing to pay and helps to ensure your transaction goes through. The estimated max total might seem high (~$10), but the transaction will actually cost a much lower amount (~$0.10) depending on how busy the Ethereum network is at that time. 

  13. Click ‘SAVE’ to save your custom gas fee.

  14. Click ‘CONFIRM’ to submit your transaction.

  15. That’s it! 

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