Why do I need to stake in a challenge?
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Staking helps to ensure cartographers have good reasons for adding and challenging POIs and creates skin in the game. 

To start a challenge, you need to submit a number of FOAM tokens that is equal to the Minimum Stake amount set in the core parameters. If the Owner created the POI with a stake greater than the minimum, you can challenge with a sum of tokens up to a maximum that is equal to that stake. 

  • If the Challenger wins, the Owner of the POI loses their stake. In other words, the Owner loses an amount equal to what the Challenger staked and the point gets removed. Any balance on top of that remaining in the POI is returned to the Owner’s ethereum address in MetaMask.

  • If the Owner wins, the Challenger loses their stake. The winning side is sent bonus and reward tokens from a reward pool made up from the lost stake. 

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