There are 3 ways to earn FOAM tokens:

  1. As the owner of a POI
  2. As the challenger
  3. As a voter

And you can earn 2 types of payouts: 

  1. bonuses 
  2. rewards

A bonus is given to the winner of the challenge: the owner of the POI or the challenger.

  • After the vote reveal period has concluded, the amount that was staked plus a bonus is paid to the winner.

Rewards are shared with everyone who voted on the winning side.

  • After the stake and the bonus is accounted for, the rest of the reward pool is divided between those who voted on the winning side.
  • All votes are token-weighted and receive an equal amount of the reward pool. This means that cartographers that vote with a higher amount of voting credit receive a higher portion of the reward pool.
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