I am the Owner of a POI:

I am a Challenger:

I am a Voter:

  • Your rewards must be withdrawn from My Assets.

  • Select the Registry tab.

  • Under Rewards, you can see the reward tokens you are eligible to claim for each POI for voting on the winning side of a challenge.

  • Select your winning POI and click “Claim Reward”. You can only claim rewards for 1 POI at a time.

  • The FOAM tokens will be added to your Ethereum wallet connected to MetaMask.

  • To use the FOAM tokens in the map, you will need to approve them again. See https://mapguide.foam.space/adding-and-challenging-pois/how-do-i-add-locations-to-foam-map

If you’re wondering why bonuses and rewards are paid out in different ways:

  • FOAM Map uses 2 smart contracts: a registry contract, and a voting contract. 

  • This handles stakes and votes separately. 

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