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What are Approved Voting Tokens?
What are Approved Voting Tokens?
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Approved Voting Tokens streamline the voting process, acting as an allowance of FOAM tokens ready to be used for voting. 

  • Approve tokens for voting under the Voting tab in My Assets.

  • FOAM Map uses smart contracts to enable a decentralized map without a central authority or single point of failure. Voting uses a separate smart contract to other activity in the FOAM Map. 

  • Each time tokens are transferred between smart contracts, there’s a small fee charged by the Ethereum network, called gas. This changes depending on how busy the network is at that time. 

  • Approving tokens for voting helps to avoid more expensive gas and means fewer MetaMask confirmations. This lowers the chance that something might go wrong with the transaction due to network traffic.

NOTE: Approved Voting Tokens do not reflect your actual balance of FOAM tokens. While you can approve as many tokens as you like, you will not be able to vote if you have an insufficient balance of FOAM tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

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