You can sort or filter points of interest in Dashboard.

  1. To open Dashboard, click on your user icon - the colored circle in the top right corner of the map.
  2. Click ‘Sort & Filter’ to find POIs according to different options. 

You can filter the list of POIs to show POIs:

  1. Added by me - these are POIs you contributed
  2. Challenged by me - these are POIs you challenged
  3. Voted by me - these are POIs you voted for or against
  4. Pending - these POIs have not yet been verified
  5. Challenged - these POIs have been challenged and currently can be voted on
  6. Verified - these POIs are deemed worthy of inclusion in the FOAM map
  7. Rejected - these POIs have been removed from the map after a challenge

You can sort the list of POIs by:

  1. Recently updated - this shows POIs that most recently changed status (such as from pending to verified) first
  2. Most Value - this shows POIs with the greatest balance of FOAM tokens first
  3. Least Value - this shows the POIs with the lowest balance of FOAM tokens first
  4. Newest - this shows the most recently added POIs first
  5. Oldest - this shows the oldest POIs first
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