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Why would I create a signal?
Why would I create a signal?
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  • Before the launch of mining and the ability to connect radio beacons to FOAM, members of the FOAM community can signal to show where decentralized location services are needed, and in doing so increase the eventual block reward paid at that location. 

  • Signals show where the most number of transactions will happen. The FOAM protocol allocates a direct percentage of the reward based on how many FOAM tokens have been staked to the signal.

  • The potential rewards for a signaler are linked to that of the miners.

  • Dynamic Proof of Location is currently being designed and signal rewards are not implemented. 

  • Signaling on the FOAM Map has been designed to allow for the community to feedback and help shape the Dynamic Proof of Location mining contracts.

If you’d like to feedback on the design of signaling rewards:

Start a discussion in the FOAM Community Platform.

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