Toggle map layers to visualise different types of information on the FOAM Map. There are currently 3 layers:

  • Points of Interest - This shows POIs, or locations in the physical world that the community has decided are worthy of inclusion in the FOAM Map. 

  • Signals - This shows signals, which are markers made by cartographers staking FOAM tokens to a geographic area to incentivise decentralized location services.

  • Signal Heatmap - This is a visualization showing the intensity of FOAM tokens staked in signals. The Signal Heatmap is off by default and you can turn it on in the Map Layers settings.

How do I turn map layers on and off?

  1. Go to the map view at

  2. Click the Map Layers icon on the bottom right to open the menu.

  3. Toggle to turn each layer on or off.

For more information see:
What is the Signal Heatmap?

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