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Osaka Mapathon Guide
Osaka Mapathon Guide
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Cartographers-Dust off your 🔎and get ready to map 📍Osaka

FOAM is launching a mapathon to celebrate the start of Devcon in Osaka. We’re testing a new system to incentivize adding Points of Interest (POIs) that represent places in the physical world to the FOAM Map.  Add points to the map near the Osaka Convention Center — the hub of Devcon 5 — to win Kovan FOAM tokens. This 3-step guide will help you get started.

Step 1 - Discover new locations 

  • View the map of Osaka and points other cartographers have added to the area near the Osaka Convention Center. The existing points are shown as emojis. Hover over the emoji to see the name of the location.

  • We’ve partitioned this area of the city into zones with different reward. Move your cursor through the map to see the reward amount in the lower left corner.

  • Add a missing point to a zone closer to the Osaka Convention Center and you will earn more Kovan FOAM.

Step 2 - Add points to the FOAM Map

  • Log in with MetaMask.

  • Make sure you have enough ETH and FOAM.

  • If not, you can purchase FOAM on Uniswap. You will need a minimum of 50 FOAM for each point you want to add.

  • Now you’re ready to add new locations.

  • Add the POI to FOAM Map.

  • Wait until your transaction is confirmed.

Still have questions about Step 2? Get help in our Map Guide.

Step 3 - Claim rewards on Kovan

  • Login with MetaMask using the same account you used to map POIs on the FOAM Map.

  • Switch to the Kovan network.

  • You’ll need a little bit of Kovan ETH to pay gas. You can get Kovan ETH from one of two faucets:

  • Confirm transaction. 

  • That’s it! You’ll receive your Kovan tokens in your wallet.

  • You can claim rewards as you go or claim them all at once when you are done mapping!

Kovan FOAM Token details

  • To see your rewards in Metamask you must add the FOAM Kovan Token 

  • Symbol - FOAM

  • Address - 0x46024e0515846b3741a26b74e0b80cdbc4b1c66c

  • Decimals - 18

Why Kovan FOAM?

The In-sight (Osaka Mapathon) is still a prototype and uses the Kovan Test Network, a sandbox for decentralized applications that protects participants and the Main Ethereum Network incase anything goes wrong.

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